Multiple High Grade Silver Mineralization Results At Bunker Hill Mine

TORONTO - Bunker Hill Mining Corp. reported multiple high-grade silver mineralization results as part of its ongoing silver-focused drilling program, and through chip-channel sampling of newly accessible areas of the Bunker Hill Mine identified through the Company’s proprietary 3D digitization program. 

Sam Ash, CEO, said, “Having completed the drilling campaign designed to support the mine restart plan and associated PEA, we have now shifted our drilling and sampling focus to high-grade silver exploration in order to bring more silver into our upper mine resources and future mine planning. The results confirm high grade silver mineralization in two distinct areas of the upper mine close to existing infrastructure. Firstly, we have confirmed the silver potential of the Deadwood vein through ten separate high-grade channel samples. Secondly, our systematic targeting methodology allowed us to confirm the presence of high-grade silver mineralization on the 5-level through drilling, within an area where no historical mining was conducted. Both of these areas, along with others, will be followed up and developed over the coming weeks.”